Jan 2021- Lone Pine Town. Chilled weather and beautiful landscape always calls out to take moment and remind my self; everything will be all right.


2020: Death Valley. Cruising through this amazing park’s roads. We had to stop to embrace the sunset. There is something so unique, refreshing, and freeing about being on the road and finding your self in a place that you’ve never seen or been to. Call me wanderlust, but I live for moments like this one.


May 2020: The Lighthouse of Cabrillo Monument, Point Loma in San Diego. I took this photo and it now decorates my kitchen. Gotta love lighthouses. I always have. Strength, guidance, hope and resilience are the words that come to my mind when I see them.


Jan 2020: On a whim road trip to Death Valley. I was two months pregnant with our baby girl when I shot this photo.

Took a whole life, multiple heartbreaks, and way too many failed relationships before we met. But, we finally did. It was 2012. We had just got out of not so good relationships, so commitment was not in the radar for neither of us. Until one day, two months later after we met, we traveled together. The rest is history.

Letting Go

January 2021: Beautiful garden at the Quiet Mind Mountain Resort in Julian, CA. I took this photo during a getaway trip with my husband and my 6-mo old daughter. At the time, I was struggling with not so pleasant events happening with my high demand corporate job, after I returned from maternity leave. I had to let that job go. I started a new job. I’m now happier than I have been with my career in years.


Be the kind that builds windmills

July 2021: The Carlsbad Windmill, San Diego CA. I pass this windmill multiple times on my way home. I finally stopped and photographed this beauty, attached a much needed reminder, and printed this on a 20×16 canvas. This reminder now decorates one of the walls in my home.


August 2015: The Andes. Hiking towards Machu Picchu

I used to struggle with anxiety and absurd fears that paralyzed me. Then, I started journaling. Then, I found photography. Then I decided to stop living my life according to what others expected of (and for) me. And now, I start this blog. Welcome to my virtual gallery, “Inspiration Nudge“. This is the first step post of a collection of 1,000 of my photos and videos, dressed with powerful words, lessons, reminders, and quotes that have changed my life. My hope is that my photos, videos, and these posts bring you hope, happiness, comfort, smiles, and inspiration that fuels you to take actions and inspires you to be a kick @$$ in your life journey.